Fighting Hunger

The Generous Garden Project is fighting hunger by growing, harvesting and delivering fresh grown produce to agencies in Greenville, SC.

We partner with local organizations and communities to teach others how to grow fresh produce for themselves in a sustainable way.

Become a monthly donor. Everyday, we work tirelessly to grow food to feed the hungry. YOU can help. Your monthly give helps provide food for the clients served by our Community Partners.

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We believe everyone deserves access to fresh produce, no matter their social standing. Growing sustainable...

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Helping Greenville SC


Giving is the best part of what we do. It is awesome to see people's eyes light up when...

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Teaching Gardening


Anyone can grow awesome produce and we are here to show you how to become more sustainable...

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Growing Food...Transforming Lives

Generous Garden Project The Generous Garden Project is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization growing fresh produce to provide a healthy alternative to boxed and canned foods for people who are in need. We also provide hands-on training to those who want to learn how to garden and provide technical assistance to others who would like to start their own garden in their community.

We use organic growing techniques such as: Composting, Vermaculture, Companion Planting, Chickens, Bee Keeping and Aquaponics


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